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custom Scents

Full list of Scents Available 

Custom Scents are available upon request for more information email

Sequel experience

Participants will let their inner creativity shine while personalizing & decorating your jar, cap, and take-home bag. Adding the full "SeQuel Experience" of washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing (pampering hand scrub/massage) is always a big hit!


Create your own special scent of over 20 different custom scents including 4 signature scents.


Want to host & l clean up the mess instead?


Check out our party page!


  • 4oz or 8 oz. jars & caps plus

  • Labels for Decoration

  • Unscented: Body Butter, Body Scrub & Whipped Soap Base

  • Scoop Spoons

  • Fragrance Oils

    • Select 4 for parties under 8

    • 6 for parties of 8 or more

  • Take home bags

  • Brochures with ingredients and other information.




  • One 24 oz. or more (for mixing room) measuring cup or bowl for each participant

  • Sink or washing bowl

  • One mixing utensil for each participant (such as spoon, spatula, etc)

  • Pitcher of warm water if not near the sink;

  • Paper or cloth towel

  • Sharpie or markers to decorate labels

  • Endless good vibes

HOW TO HOST A “SeQuel Experience” PARTY

  1. Participants should decorate label for jar and take home bag with non-toxic permanent paint markers. 

  2. Following instructions each participant will head to the sink or washing bowl. It’s time for the pampering “SeQuel Experience”

    • Wash with whipped soap

    • Exfoliate with body scrub

    • Seal moisture with body butter. Get your jar and scoop.

    • Have a pitcher of warm water nearby or the sink set to warm. Have a paper or cloth towel nearby. 

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